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Providing Global Supply Chain & Shipping Solutions that are Almost MAGIC

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what we do.

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Express air shipments from China to worldwide

Ocean & container freight
shipments from China to worldwide

US-based warehousing
& 3PL

behind the magic

ReSourcery is a global supply chain & shipping company, helping you ship products from China to worldwide without a hassle.


Created by Julia Xu, former Alibaba North America Chief of Staff, also Founder of USourced (automated product sourcing platform) and Multitasky (lifestyle eCommerce brand).

At ReSourcery, we pride ourselves on being a resource to you and all your business needs. From express air shipping, to ocean & container freight, to US-based 3PL, we offer various options for your business needs.



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Pricing fluctuates weekly - please email us for latest pricing info 

ocean shipping

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Includes custom, tax and door-to-door delivery, 100kg minimum

Matson Fast Boat: ~$3.3/kg , deliver within 1 month

Slow Boat: $2.8/kg, deliver within 2 months

(Price varies depending on location and item category - East Coast is slightly more expensive than West Coast; private address is slightly more expensive than Amazon FBA address; sensitive categories such as batteries and magnets are more expensive than standard categories)

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air shipping

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~$9-11/kg for 22KG+ (includes COVID surcharge, custom, tax and door-to-door delivery), deliver within 1 week

Can ship small parcels under 22kg as well, but the per kg rate would vary depending on the total package weight - email us for quotes

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container shipping

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~$10-20K for a 40ft container - prices fluctuate each month, please contact us regarding latest pricing before shipping

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US CA-based 3PL

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~$2 per order (depending on number of items), ~$20 monthly storage fee per pallet, ~$20 / hour additional labor fee upon request

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